• Overnight Freshness I love the feel & scent of my Almond Souffle Butter. I first watched Jalesa McRae Official Fan Page review of your product and from her promoting the product, I ordered one. I am not disappointed. I love it. After showering for bed, I applied the butter and when I woke up the next morning the fresh scent was will there. I love it.


  • Highly recommended! Second time buying this scent and I love it. Smells really good but not overpowering. I'm a fan of black seed oil and its benefits, so it was cool to find a body butter that has it in the ingredients. Shipping was delayed 2 days, but I know it wasn't on their end. The tracking number showed my package was going in a circle during that time, but it arrived intact.

    Denise C. Ozark Alabama

  • I am in love with this body butter. It feels heavenly on my skin and smells great. I use it on all parts of my body including my face, a little goes a long way.

    Nadia L.

  • BUY BUY BUY a MUST I loveeeeeed this one the most. It smells like a beautiful summer already!! I'm so upset that i left it in the car in 93 degrees & half of the butter has evaporated! Its okay I wanted another one anyway 🥺🥰🥰🥰 !!! Man let me tell you, I've been biting my finger nails since i was a kid & my cuticles look like shxt! BUT this buttttterrrr baby !! Made my crusty Cuticles loook Like a hand model 🥰! I'm Obsessed!!

    Maria. Brooklyn, New York

  • Love the products, soft and smell amazing also, Fast shipping looking forward to get more 🙌🏻💜

    Julissa M.

  • I applied this butter after a shower and found that it lasted the whole day without leaving any residue on my clothes. I could also smell the fragrance all day and after showering too; I didn't even need to wear perfume. I've had little luck with other products, especially on my legs but found that this body butter made a huge difference after a couple of days of use.


  • Converted!! Usually, I'm skeptical about buying body butter because I dislike the greasy feeling on my skin. My co-worker gave me some for my hands (she said that's her lotion :-). I was definitely surprised that my hands didn't have that sticky feeling. Decided to try a full-size jar and the consistency and smell were exactly the same. I'll definitely purchase again. Do you have any upcoming sale?

    Carol. West palm beach, Florida

  • Love the above and beyond service. I’m writing this review because I am impressed with the honesty. Yekesha could have given me an answer just to get the sale. However, not only did she call me to share the information, she also forwarded me a copy of her supplier’s email response. I chose not to purchase due to my efforts of wanting to be more conscious of certain ingredients. Based on my experience, I would definitely purchase in the future should that particular ingredient is eliminated from the product. Good Luck


  • Highly recommended! I really like the ingredients. All really good for my skin. Love the feel and texture also. Unfortunately, due to my super sensitive nose; next time I'll be ordering the unscented one. The Almond fragrance isn't overpowering at all, it's just that my sensitive nose just won't let me be great.


  • Something New I’m not a fan of fruity scents which is usually the scent of most body-butters out there. So I’m happy to find one with a fragrance that’s different from the “norm”. It’s a lovely powdery scent. Will definitely re-order.

    Kim S.

  • Subtle sweet smelling body butter leaves your skin soft and smooth without being heavy.

    Tashana G.

  • Excellent! I really am in love with this product. It is my one of my favorite scent to date. It smells heavenly. And the scent is very intimate and not over-powering. I just love it

    A.I. Orange, New Jersey

  • Excellent! Loved the product, the silky feel of my skin after using it and the fragrance was very delightful.

    Utiv T. Brooklyn New York

  • Absolutely love it, my skin is typically dry and I tried the almond body butter. Will definitely be using again!

    Khalil H.

  • Hooked!! I love!! Love! Love!! The Almond soufflé, it smells so good. It makes my skin shine and gives me so much moisture. You will not regret your purchase at all. I'm totally hooked on Zen and Bloom.


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